Wooden World Map

Wooden World Map

Magnetic Wooden World Map | Oak | Wengé | Mahogany | Teak | Maple | Cherry Wood

Magnetic Wooden World Map The minimalist design of the WORLDofART © world map can now also be ordered as a Magnetic Wooden World Map. You can choose from a selection of (top class A) wood veneer in Scandinavian style. This style is characteristic for its use of natural elements, clean designs and light woods such as light oak, birch, beech and ash.


The minimalistic design dates from 2003, at the time still sawn with a band saw. The WORLDofART © world map owes its angular shape to this. Although most world maps nowadays are cut very precisely with a laser, VAN OFFERBEEK has chosen to honor its recognizable authentic design.

recognizability of the design, it also has some advantages:

• The edges are much less vulnerable.
• The World Maps can be made from up to 10 mm thick plywood. The world maps therefore have a robust appearance.

You can choose from a selection of (top class A) wood veneer types in Scandinavian style.

Mark your favorite spots with these nickel-plated Pinpoint-magnets. 0.25 cents each.

Because of the unique metal intermediate layer, it is possible to apply place marks with our Pin magnets.





Cherry wood

Rustic Oak